Our comprehensive dental service covers a wide range of possibilities for the maintenance and improvement of your dental health.

Dental services

For our teeth and gums, and for our health in general, the most important thing is prevention. For this reason, in our clinic we put emphasis on education for optimum brushing technique. As we know, is the origin of plaque and caries paradentosis. We must eliminate it entirely.

The dental care for children is more important and decisive than that of adults, because it is a milestone for future health Stomatology. We consider these vital treatments that have to do with preventing the bad position of the teeth. We also focus on instilling best hygiene and brushing children. We all apply specialties dedicated to them.

It is done with fixed or removable devices. Beyond the aesthetic factor, application of orthodontics involves a functional reason, as much to chew properly for optimal joint function and phonetics. Teeth well placed are always healthier. The removable orthodontic technique applies Invisaling, which is invisible. The fixed orthodontic brackets are done through devices placed visibly on the vestibular faces (external), or hidden in the inner tongue.

Over time, teeth implants that contain ceramic antagonists in just one piece are subjected to considerable wear and harmful to dental health. For this reason we work with a material whose physical properties are almost identical and contain the same enamel hardness and natural dentin. We use it for two years because of their innovation and precision. Its physical, mechanical and aesthetics makes it the material of the future on a dental level.

When it is not possible to place fixed pieces, we have to resort to removable prosthesis. There are several factors: -Mastication. -Aesthetics. -Phonation. -Avoid mobility of the pieces. -Articular Stability.

When we lost to the root of the tooth, we apply implants of titanium and zirconium as an optimal anchor for crowns.

In our clinic we treat not only the restoration of the pieces, or treatment to return to naturalness. We try to conserve as much tooth tissue as possible. The objective is to take care and protect the teeth as possible, and how to achieve it always involves microscopy technology for maximum precision. Another key factor is the quality of the material we are going to put that simulates both natural enamel (exclusive artificial material with a hardness of 98%) as a natural tooth. The ultimate goal is to preserve the function of the dental appliance and guarantee its long-term resistance.

A few stepsto a healthy mouth tenor

In just three steps, you can have a complete and detailed study about the solutions we can offer you in order to your smile becomes bright again.

Be strict

The dental cleaning should be strict at least once a day


Try and maintain a daily cleaning mouth and teeth in perfect condition

Visit us

Dr. Gustavo Brun, your dentist, will propose the best solution for your mouth.


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